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No visit to Capri is complete without a tour of the island by sea. Sail through the arch of the Faraglioni rock formations, take a dip in the Grotta Verde, round the Punta Carena lighthouse: make your visit to Capri one you'll never forget.

During your private boat tour, you will visit 12 sea grottoes: our boats are small enough to go inside, where the larger public charter tours have to sail right by.

Here are all the Capri boat tours offered by Ciro Boats

Boat Tour of Capri

from € 150 Per boat | Max 6 passengers

Duration 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours 7 hours

Private boat tour around the island of Capri on board a traditional 7.5 meter "gozzo" boat, with a large cushioned sundeck

Speedboat Tour of Capri

from € 230 Per boats | Max 6 passengers € 250 -8%

Duration 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours 7 hours

Experience the thrill of a boat tour around Capri on board a sleek speedboat!

Dolce Vita Capri Tour by Speedboat

from € 500 Per boat | Max 6 passengers

Duration 3 hours 4 hours 6 hours

Relive the magical atmosphere of the Dolce Vita on board a Riva Aquarama Special: an unforgettable experience that blends the beauty of Capri (plus Positano, Amalfi or Ischia optional) and its iconic Faraglioni and Marina Piccola with the charm of a vintage speedboat, symbol of timeless elegance.

Rental and Transfer Rates

Boat Rentals on Capri - FAQ

There are just two of us, so is it worth it to book a private tour?
A private tour is obviously more expensive than an public charter tour, but it's also much more memorable. With my traditional wooden "gozzo", we are able to sail right inside Capri's famous sea grottoes, you can bask in the sun on the deck, and we can stop for a swim. If you are able to join up with another couple, you'll find that the price works out to be almost the same as an organized charter tour!
What is included in the rate?
A boat tour on our traditional wooden boats with sundeck, beach towels, beverages, skipper/guide. On our 4 and 8 hour tours, we also include drinks and a "Caprese" sandwich (with mozzarella and pomodoro) to snack on.
Are there other clients on the boat tour with us?
No, our tours are private.
What happens if the weather doesn't permit sailing on the day we booked our tour?
The tour is cancelled without any charge.
Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, we accept all major credit cards.
Is the ticket for the Blue Grotto included in the tour price?
No, the Blue Grotto is a state museum and tickets must be purchased at the entrance to the cave. Tickets cost about €13 per person. In case of rough seas, the Blue Grotto may be closed to visitors.

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